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Subcontractor VS Employee

To employ or subcontract, that is the question.  This article covers some, but not all, issues regarding employees vs subcontractors.   After toiling away as an apprentice stonemason and getting a few years under your belt fully qualified, you decide that you want to start your own business. After selecting the most suitable business structure for yourself, you get out there and cut some stone.  After a solid 18 months of working by yourself, you decide that it is time to take on someone. Many hands make light work and when you are working with something as heavy as stone, the lighter the better.   There are many ways to go about paying someone for their work, though paying someone with pilchards generally only works for the stars at certain water based attractions. So in this article we will discuss paying someone as either an employee or subcontractor.   Employee:  An employee is someone that is hired to work for you; you pay them a salary or a wage for their services. An employee can be a casual, part time or full time, they can be employed for one week or for their entire working lives. An employee has the following rights and entitlements, that you as the employer...

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