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Uniform & Laundry Deduction

CAN YOU CLAIM YOUR WORK CLOTHING AS A TAX DEDUCTION? The ATO allows you to claim the purchase and washing of work clothing if it satisfies certain criteria. To be eligible, your work clothing must meet at least one of the following criteria. Protective: your work clothing protects you from the risks inherent to your job. Steal capped boots, hard hats, high visibility clothing, aprons, & overalls are all considered protective clothing. However, a receptionist in an office could not claim steal capped boots as a tax deduction as there are no inherent risks in the job that would require steal capped boots. Occupation specific: Work clothing that is not everyday in nature and allows the public to easily identify your occupation can be claimed as a tax deduction. A chef’s checked pants, a judge’s robe and wig, and a security guard’s uniform are all examples of occupation specific clothing. A business suit is not an occupation specific uniform as it is everyday in nature and does not identify the occupation. Likewise, the black pants and white shirt of a waiter are not occupation specific clothing as they are everyday in nature and don’t identify the occupation. The swimsuit of a swimming instructor is also not deductible under these...

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