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How To Access Your ATO Account

You may wish to have access to your ATO account to view and mange the following Apply for JobKeeper View account statements and balances (Cash Flow Boost payments for COVID19 will be seen here if you are eligible for them) Manage payment arrangements Download notice of assessments (for individuals & sole traders) View and lodge BAS/IAS and various other services   Individuals & Sole Traders:  Create a MyGov account (instructions here) Link your MyGov account to the ATO (instructions here)   Sole Traders, Partnerships, Trusts, & Companies: (Please note that the principal of the business should follow these steps. Other authorised persons may follow steps 1 & 4.) 1. Download the MyGovID app to your smartphone (further details here) – Note: MyGovID is a two-step authentication system. It is not the same as a MyGov account. 2. Use your MyGov ID to log into RAM (Relationship Authorisation Manager) 3. Once you have logged into RAM, link your business and then manage authorisations if you would like other people to access your business with their own MyGovID. – Trusts: You may need to call 1300 287 539 and select option 3 if you experience any problems linking your business. 4. Once your business is linked to RAM, you and anyone else that you have authorised can login into...

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COVID19 Comprehensive Guide

COVID19 Comprehensive Guide   This comprehensive guide has been developed by one of our resource providers to assist everyone in accessing the financial support they need during the COVID19 crisis. It outlines all of the financial assistance announced by the Australian Government as at 09 April...

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Original JobKeeper FAQs

This page was last updated on 22 October 2020. _ For an explanation about how JobKeeper works, please see here. For ATO details about JobKeeper, please see here. The Australian Government has also provided their own list of JobKeeper FAQs here. _ What about JobKeeper 2.0? Please see here. _ Original JobKeeper FAQs _ How is JobKeeper Paid? If you’re enrolled for JobKeeper, the ATO will pay your business monthly in arrears after you have completed step 3 each month. If you have employees, you still need to pay them according to their normal pay cycle (ensuring that you pay them a minimum of $1,500* per fortnight (before tax) by the relevant payment date), this is called satisfying the wage condition. Then after each month the ATO will reimburse your business for each eligible employee that was paid the minimum $1,500 per fortnight (before tax). *Note that during JobKeeper 2.0 the minimum payment is NOT $1,500. Please see here to work out which minimum payment amount applies. See further below for “How do I process JobKeeper through payroll?” _ How do I  work out if my business is eligible to apply for the original version of JobKeeper? Most businesses will need to show a 30% reduction of income (or 15% for charitable entities)....

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