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Tax Ins and Outs of a Second Job Comments Off

Tax Ins and Outs of a Second Job

As we zap into the holiday season and the New Year, thousands of Australians are feeling the pinch in their wallets. It’s an expensive time of year. Plus everyone wants 2017 to be a better year...

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Calculators Comments Off


The following are samples of calculators that may provide rough guidance in financial and taxation matters.   Simple Tax Calculator The ATO’s calculator estimates the tax payable on your taxable...

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Subcontractor VS Employee Comments Off

Subcontractor VS Employee

To employ or subcontract, that is the question.  This article covers some, but not all, issues regarding employees vs subcontractors.   After toiling away as an apprentice stonemason and getting a...

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Are Low Interest Rates The New Normal? Comments Off

Are Low Interest Rates The New Normal?

With the Reserve Bank of Australia’s (RBA) February 2015 decision to reduce interest rates to 2.25% the question becomes how long do we expect low interest rates to last? The best way to look at...

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Depreciation As A Tax Deduction Comments Off

Depreciation As A Tax Deduction

When claiming an asset as a tax deduction, it must be depreciated over a number of years. But how do you know how much depreciation to claim each year? The following article will give you a rough guide to...

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