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PAYG Instalments Comments Off

PAYG Instalments

Are you confused by one of these letters from the ATO???   Why did you receive it? This letter is generally triggered by the lodgement of a tax return with a tax bill of more than $1,000. This tax bill...

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Uniform & Laundry Deduction

CAN YOU CLAIM YOUR WORK CLOTHING AS A TAX DEDUCTION? The ATO allows you to claim the purchase and washing of work clothing if it satisfies certain criteria. To be eligible, your work clothing must meet at...

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Tax Ins and Outs of a Second Job Comments Off

Tax Ins and Outs of a Second Job

As we zap into the holiday season and the New Year, thousands of Australians are feeling the pinch in their wallets. It’s an expensive time of year. Plus everyone wants 2017 to be a better year...

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Calculators Comments Off


The following are samples of calculators that may provide rough guidance in financial and taxation matters.   Simple Tax Calculator The ATO’s calculator estimates the tax payable on your taxable...

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